Simple One Time Password (OTP) authentication

Does anyone know if its is possible to create a simple One Time Password (OTP) authentication procedure for a given number of mail addresses?

If I understand the question I think the answer is that there is no built in functionality in to Flow straight from the UI. But you could create a flow with the flow environment connector and do something with the “create user” and “get users” operations (there is no trigger for when the user logged on, so the latter one would have to be ran on schedule).

Or you can use a third party IDP like Azure AD and work with something there. Again though the users would be synched on a schedule so I do not think it will be exactly what you are aiming for.

Thats what I come to think of from the top of my head

Thanks for the reply.
This is a specific case, and meant to be for some external users (not authenticated / synced using AD or Azure AD)
We have their respective mail addresses which we will use for communication, and the plan going forward is to send a OTP to the respective mail address when they try to log in so that it serves as a multi factor authentication. Hope the case is clear :slight_smile: Cheers!

Ah, well the most professional approach would be to use Azure b2c or something similar.
Unfortunately I cannot think of a trigger really in Flow’s authentication model that can catch when the user logs on (which would be under System events - Flow Help) which is what you would be needing, right?

Spot on!
The route on B2c was initially in the scope but was later removed, as that didn’t work, due to possibilities on generalized contacts I.E etc.
Btw. System events as you outlined above could definitely work as a workaround, correct orchestration and parameter parsing will definitely make it work, and thanks a lot for this hint. Cheers!

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