Using MS Graph API with Users/Groups

Hi. Does anyone have any experience using the REST Service connector with Microsoft Graph API for accessing the Azure AD?

I have tried to import the Outlook Attachment app from Marketplace, but having some trouble getting that to work as well.

It seems there is a BadGateway errror, but not sure what’s wrong.

The flow environment is working with Azure AD for Active Directory Sync without any issues.

Hello Mahesh,

We have developed apps with MS Graph API and the error you provided seems to be related to a networking issue, the Connector is unable to resolve the Graph API URL.

Do you have any issues using REST with any other external API?

Kind regards

Hi Lloyd,

We haven’t really used REST API connector much before. We tested it a few years ago, but not recently. I will try to check with some different rest apis.

I got above error when I tried to run the flow via old Webclient. We are now trying it with the new webclient and getting a different error. Novacura has given us some suggestions to try, so we are testing that now.


We have gotten the Graph APIs to work with Users and now trying to see how it works with the Graph API pagination. It seems when I fetch users, even with a filter, I need to set a $top value to fetch a limited number of records. Then we get the nextlink which should be used to fetch the next page.

I have seen in the documentation that they recommend using the link directly. Has anyone tried this? is there way to define a operation where we can pass the entire url instead of calling a defined operation with parameters?

Been a while since I did something against graph, but looking back this is how I did it back then:

So two operations, one for the first and one for potentially all others with a variable path.

Thanks Ola. I have tried this and it seems to be working!