Concurrent users

Is there a way of detecting in a machine step (or FlowScript) when someone logs in if that account is already logged in by someone else? At the moment if that happens the person who is logged in first has the option of

  1. Logging out the other person
  2. Logging out themselves

I would prefer that the second person (who tries to log in to an account that is already logged in) gets a message saying that the account is logged in to already and they cannot log in under that account. But how can I detect that?

Hi, I think it is built like that due to that the licensing normally is set up so that one user gets one license. Or do you have a specific concurrent licence?

Thanks for the reply. We don’t have a license that can be used concurrently, no.

Then I would say it is working as intended since it otherwise would bypass the licensing model :slight_smile: