Restrict devices by user

Does anyone know if it possible to restrict which users can log on to a specific device?

Hi, not with the built in device management in flow, it is pretty rudimentary in its form. It could perhaps be solved with MDM-tools.
Come to think of it I am not sure if you could get the id of the device from within flow somehow, and from that control inside the flows what user can use a certain device (by storing that in a separate table for example). Iā€™d have to check that for you if you think it would be a viable path (it will not stop the user from logging on, but to run the flows with this check built in)

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Hi Ola,

Thanks. This might be useful, but not exactly I was hoping for.
We are planning on using some wireless android scanners on our shop floor production lines, but only wanted to be able to log into each of them using a specific user id.
Do you know if it possible to configure the flow client to always automatically login using a specific login?

Hi, unfortunately not at the moment. It has been discussed so probably in a future version, but it is not included in the near roadmap so a bit further down the road. I can move this thread to the feature request section on the forum and you can give it a vote if you like?

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Yes please, Thanks Ola.