Device Identity - how

Is there a way to tie the Novacura recorded Device id to the device IP, MAC, or something similar?

I assume an external cross reference table will work, until the device has Novacura reloaded. Upon reload, it is my understanding a new Novacura Device Id is generated.


For mobile devices there is a mdm light sort of buit in to Flow:

You would also need to enable that setting in the web.config file for the flow server

I see that. It looks to me like the Device Id is a sort of “software id”, not “hardware”. Can the “novacura device id” translate into a hardware device id (matching a hardware value like ip or mac)?
Or can the Novacura device id but captured in a flow so it can be stored in a table?


device ID can be used inside flows through an embedded variable

The device ID itself seems to be a combination of device the client is ran on, client that is installed and user that started the client
(this is 2 flow users running flow from the same android device in NG and old mobile client)

Also the data regarding devices can be used inside flows using the environment connector


Hope this helps!


thanks. I’ll have to try it out. It looks like I can get the DeviceId, and Name/Userid. I may need to keep a cross reference table of deviceId & IP/MAC to make it work. But it gives me something to work with. Thanks for the help.

As a bit of an add-on because we had these discussions in other projects:

For Android it’s fetching the Android generated Device ID, for iOs it is also fetching the ID generate by iOs. As you can see in the description the Device Id should change based on:

  • Device
  • App (e.g. old client/new client)
  • DEVICE user. In theory logging in as a different FLOW user should not change the device Id.