Photos taken in Novacura Flow being stored in local Android photos app, causing device performance issues

We are using Zebra TC8300 (Android) scan guns on our shop floor to run Novacura flows. We have several flows that include taking a photo, which is delivered to our ERP system. However, when we take the photo in the flow using the device camera, it also stores a local copy of the photo in the Android photos app on the device, which can later cause performance issues when the device storage fills up.

Does anyone know how we can include code that will delete the locally stored photo from the device in the flow, once it has executed the delivery to our ERP?

I asked an Android developer here and unfortunately, there is no such function today in Flow. The reason why the pictures are stored is if you are out on the field taking pictures and flow crashes before you have uploaded them. I understand that in your scenario it would not be the desired functionality.
Maybe there is a third-party app that can fix it in the short run? And perhaps request that feature over at
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the reply, we will investigate other options on our end. I will also submit to


Do you know if we can point the flow to store the photos to an alternate location, vs. the internal device storage?

I don’t think so, no.

We also had this requierment and I would also love to see an internal Flow function to clean up the foto storage.

As Workaround:
If you are using a Zebra device you may also use a Mobile device management. With our MDM its possible to send a custom script to clear up the storage.
But there is one thing to consider as OlaCarlander already mentioned:
They can also take pictures locally without network connection and pick them later from the gallery.
It would make sense to include a filter with a corresponding time restriction in the script.

Our rule is that users have to delete the photos themselves.

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Hi Michael - this is very helpful. Would you be willing/able to share you custom script to delete the photos? We have reached out to our MDM provider but have not heard back with any progress.

Hi Joy,
sorry, we dont have such a script. Our employees are instructed to delete the photos themselves. They have permisson for the Photo Gallery app for this purpose.
Please ask your MDM vendor for such a script.