Does Novacura Flow Classic have ability to communicate with desktop scanner (TWAIN driver) for document scan capture?

Hello -

We have some USB connected desktop scanners (Fujitsu fi-7160 series) that we are interested in integrating with some Novacura Flows.

We have some flows that we use with our handheld Zebra devices, where “take picture” is a user step within the flow, then the flow assigns that image to somewhere within our ERP application based on the code. We would like to set up the same idea with the desktop scanner device, and instead of “take picture”, perform a “scan capture” instead. The idea is to NOT store a local copy of the scan, but just have Novacura pick up the scan and then assign it to the ERP application based on the code - and the final copy can be stored in a database or FTP repository.

I spoke with the scanner manufacturer - and they said that the TWAIN driver would need to be installed for it to communicate with other software, and we have it installed. These scanners are frequently used with other software, particularly in the healthcare industry, to scan documents directly to the EMR software.

Does anyone use desktop scanners or document scanning devices with any Novacura Flows? If so, how did you connect the device to the flow?


Hi @Joy
I’m not aware of any specific Flows that use document scanning devices.
Do you need Flow to pick the content of the scanned document using a method of OCR of some sort?

Right now the goal is to just capture the scanned image and transfer the file to our ERP. The same way we do taking a picture in a flow, but just a scanned image instead - and avoid storing a local
Copy before transfer.

Joy Massman
IFS Systems Administrator
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