Clear Android Flow App Cache

I have created a Flow that displays images in a user step. But on the Android app, if I change one of the images (using the same file name). the App still shows the old image. It must be storing the image file locally on the device and not updating it.
I tried rebooting the device, but still shows the old image.
Is there a way to not cache the images locally, so that it has to load them from the URL every time?


So both the url and the name are the same? I.e. that the image is changed on the server side, still having the same name and url?
I think you would have to create different url:s, for example with tinyurl or something like that to trigger that the android won’t just use its cached image.

The concept is called cache busting, What is Cache Busting? - KeyCDN Support. So you are not alone having this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I just changed the picture with the same filename and location on the local web server.
So is the caching done by Android, not the Flow app? Because if i just browsed to the url in Chrome, it displayed the new picture, but still showed the old pic in the Flow app.

I believe so yes. I spoke quickly to the developers about it and it might be that we are using some Android standard package in the Flow app, but it is nothing we created intentionally.