How long are "My offline data" saved on iOS devices (Offline)

Hi, when sending in tasks from an online app, the appear as an entry in the Offlone Menue and seems to be refreshed after some time on some devices we use for testing.

How long are they excactly saved and can this be refreshed?

Hi, I think it is only refreshed when you so choose from the menu, or log off and back on. Admittedly I have not been working a lot with offline workflows for a while but to the best of my knowledge that is how it works.

If you go into the Offline resource’s workfow metadata, the update interval is configurable (in hours) to auto-refresh the data. In this screenshot, the refresh rate or Offline Update Interval is set to 24: so every 24 hours, the data will need to be refreshed before loading the apps. Or, as Ola said, can be manually triggered at any point.


As far as how long the data will be stored on the device, my gut tells me that unless you uninstall the Novacura Flow application, the data will just sit there forever. However, this may not be true.

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