How to Restrict a flow by type of unit


I have developed some flows to do different things. But I want only certain flows to be used on a windows client and a fixed keyboard scanner for example shipping an order, but I dont want the user to see flows for Cycle counting

Also on the handheld units I want the user to see the cycle counting flows but not the shipping flows.

I want permissions to be based type of unit and not the user.

is this possible ?



Menus are based on roles, and I am not sure there is a way to change the roles of a user dynamically based on the device. But one option would be to put these apps in a fragment with each fragment corresponding to a button. If you put all of these fragments in one Flow, then you can use the variable called ClientType to show only buttons that should be applicable for specific devices. That might work in your use case.

Another option would be to allow the flows to be executed, but then use the ClientType at the beginning of the flow to limit whether to continue or just display a message like “Only available on desktop.”

We do something like this for specific functions within flows.

good suggestions - will have a play and see what works best.