Flow basics send email issue

I have a few issues.
First issue is with email connector. We have an email connector in the environment but it’s not working here. I skipped this step because of that but now in exercise 4 it seems that it is better to incorporate so I can get the orderID

I have actually updated part one with a step in case the email connector is not working, see ex 4 in the first part and you will see:


It will take some imagination, but I think it is an ok workaround. Have not completely figured out if it is perhaps better to skip the email connector all together since it is much that can go wrong (setup, spam filters etc). Or keep it and have workarounds like this? I mean, it could be nice to see in the videos how it could work perhaps?

Oh I saw it now. Thank you.
Testing the application on web gives weird results as you can see here:

This is from the create quote worfklow using office account.

When i tried to review the quote from customer account, the workflow was displayed, but nothing would happen when I click it. It doesn’t show the workflow interface.

The user you are logged on as does not have access to the workflow that you created a web link for (“approve or reject quote”). So make sure you can see that workflow in the web client with the user you are logged on as, then it should also work to run it from the link

I can see the workflow from the customer account. But when I click it it just refreshes the same page

And when I try to run the debugger it just says “No orders to Approve or Reject”
I’m guessing that its not connecting the orders from the previous workflow to this one, so there’s no input

Yes, in the beginning of the “review” workflow it will take the blue path if you do not pass OrderId as an input param (i.e. running from the debugger) so make sure that query is working. If you have access to sql server management studio that could help troubleshooting perhaps.

If you pass an input parameter (i.e. OrderId, sent to the flow using the web link) it should take the red path, so perhaps something is wrong with the query there? Or maybe more likely someting is a bit strange with the link? You could copy it and run it directly in the browser as well).

Some debugging tips there :slight_smile:

Also, did you see the REST Basic training using Flow and Postman - Extensibility and Integration link about how to pass and return parameters in and out of Flow? I saw your comment there in the review about that, not sure if that is what you were looking for exactly but it seem close at least). And thanks for the review!

Thanks a lot. I will check it out.

Ok. I removed some lines of code In Create Order Lines as it was giving me an error because of PdfOut.

Insert into DocumentMgmt ([DocumentMgmtType], [filename], [data], [DateCreated], [CreatedBy],  [SalesOrderNo])
Select 'OTHER', 'CAMPAIGN' + Convert(varchar(20), @OrderOut__OrderId), Convert(Varbinary(max), @PdfOut__data), getdate(), @userId, @OrderOut__OrderId

And also in Update Approved Data step from Approve/Reject Quote, I removed the lines for setting the signature as there is no existing column in the table for SalesOrder.

It’s working now that I manually set the order id of the order I just created in the link.

As for the Seed Checklist for Pick New Orders, it is not getting populated so I’m not sure how to interact with it. But I think just creating it is enough as per the course instructions.

Hi, I will take a closer look. Could be as you say that some things are missing in the tables perhaps.
You should get the seed checklist though, most likely it is the status or username that does not match?