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Hi Gurus,

We have a Novacura test enviornment provided to us.
I’m trying to send emails from flow studio which is pointed to Novacura test server and to an email domain for my organization.

It’s not happening … My understanding in this like below and I request you to correct me

  • smtp server should be installed inside in Novacura Test server
  • that smtp server should have allowed permission to send email to my oraganizations’ domain
  • In that case what SMTP server,port,from source I need to mention in Email connector

Thanks in advance !!

Hi, The most common set-up is that you use an already existing smtp server that you set up under the email connector. Depending on how the smtp-server is set up you would either need user credentials or allow the smtp server to relay emails.

Hi Ola,

Thanks for the reply but I’m still bit confused here.
I’m using Windows Laptop where I can send emails from Outlook and using Novacura test server mapped to our organization.
smtp server should be hosted in Novacura Test enviornment where flow server is installed and there our domain should be allowed to send emails - right?

Request you to please let me know for this.


Probably not. I think the by far most common scenario is that you connect to the existing mailserver, the same one your outlook is connected to. Theoretically, you can with the correct DNS settings and all have the IT department set up a separate smtp-server for a specific need. But it is probably to overcomplicate it.



most of the time we just set up a email connector using one of the accounts from customers O365 subscription (usualy they always have a no_reply account)
You can set up your own smtp server and in that case its just important that it is reachable from the Flow server (machine), by IP address or FQDN (doesnt have to be on the same machine)

Hope this helps!


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Many thanks all for the reply