Exercise - test your workflow

Trying testing my flow on web.novacuraflow.com but I’m not quite sure how to go about it.
Currently here but it doesn’t log me in.

Hi, The idea is to enter your flow servers address there instead of training-server. But I will try to make that more clear as well.
The new web client will be officially released come January so it is just a bit of a teaser right now. And as I want the training material to be up to date I have included it. But I think you will need to upgrade your flow server as well to be able to run it.
Good catch though, I will try to make it more clear in the training material as well. For now, just run the old normal web client and it should be fine.

I tried to access through here but after logging in it gives me an error Authorization Required

Wow you are a bit ahead there, Generate Link will be covered in the next part of the training :slight_smile: