Exercise pdf

In the assignment part it is giving me an error just as shown in the bottom of the image above.

Note: I don’t have the PDF conversion connector so I did the optional Exercise 10.


This is my assignment

Ah, since the target variable from the SQL step in the “optional Exercise 10” is a single line that assignment does not have a table to convert. Our bad. For now, just skip that assignment step since we already have it as a record variable directly from the connector. (or change the db call type in “optional Exercise 10” to table instead of single value, should be the same thing and then you will see what the asterisk does in the exercise 12)

I skipped the assignment step so now that’s okay. But when I try to execute the flow this is what I get

Error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I think there’s something wrong with the script here:

Yes quite correct, please add “DateCreated” column and getdate() as value for lile 3 and 4. So that it will be:

INSERT INTO Person (CompanyId, personId,FirstName,Lastname, DateCreated)
Select 'A',@userId, @userId, @userId, getdate()

Thanks for noting, I have updated the material.

And thanks for the suggestion about troubleshooting issues, it has been something that has been asked for from others as well and probably the thing thats getting missed the most with ondemand vs teacher led training.

Would you prefer to have a complete separate training after the basic training where I am thinking you would import a workflow with some pre made common errors and we go through how to troubleshoot them.
Or that we after some of the chapters in the basic training generate some issues and how to trouble shoot it?

I am a bit worried that it can be a bit overwhelming for someone totally new to mess things up with all these errors, but not sure?

Another training would be great. I have a practical example in mind.
I want to create a workflow where I take file X.xml from a specific directory, upload it, then do some extractions from the file and upload the extracted data into IFS.
Novacura flow from my understanding is like a middle man that can communicate between 2 softwares. I want to know how to do that.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

It sounds a bit like this:

although you would need to use xmlfill instead of csvfill if you have xml instead of csv files. And the example above is to ms sql server, but should be easy to translate to IFS and Oracle.

Also, did you notice that part 2 is now out as well of the training? Does not cover exactly that, but lots of other things I think you might like.

Thank you so much! I’ll start with the part 2 training and check out the document.