Exercise Script Step

I’m getting an error in my script step saying Unexpected operand

Hi, has to do with versions again, thanks for noticing. I have updated the material to:

So for you, just replace the code with:
Return YourQuoteLines;

Also here I changed it to Result = Result + (SalesOrderLines.PriceEach); but still its giving me an error “This variable cannot be iterated”.

If you “show available variables” just after the flowscript, what does that look like?


This is it.

Ah, note how you have a slightly different symbol before SalesOrderLines? Indicates it is a record variable and not a table variable. So open that and make sure you have the correct database call type (multiple records)

Okay thank you so much, I updated it and removed my errors.

This is from exercise 1 in the image map
I think the Database call type needs to be updated

Or should we keep it and have it as a troubleshooting exercise? If so, mention something about that “you will get an error, try to troubleshoot it or follow the next exercise to see how” sort of thing.

Or is it better to have a completely separate troubleshooter course with a staged flow with a bunch of errors to fix?

Yes, would be nice to have a hint that there will be an error trainee tries to fix. :slight_smile:

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