Webclient app errors

I have a very simple workflow;

basically just taking 3 fields through user input (2 text fields and 1 drop down selection)
this workflow is then connected to a machine workflow.

First bug I’m encountering is the drop down selection list, (I’m getting it from the table before the User Input step) all the text is white colored so it’s not visible to the user in the webclient or through debugging. But if I select something, the value reflects in the variable. It’s just a visual issue.

you can see here the text is not showing:

2nd issue is this:
Each time I run the workflow, it tells me unable to resolve variable X, Y, etc.
These variables are assigned in the beginning of the workflow and later linked to the connected workflow after the end step.

update: fixed the 2nd issue, just made different variable names for the mapping. not exactly the same.

Any help would be great, thanks :)!


for the 1st one:
You do have to tell the list selection item which value to display as large and small row text.
So just open curly brackets in these fields and select a variable to show.

Not sure about the 2nd one.
I guess it has something to do with blank values being passed to ID.
Maybe make a decision step (or an assignement step with ID = {case when ID = ‘’ then ‘SomeDefaultValue’ else ID end} ) at the begining and assign a default value to ID.

Hope this helps!


Perfect, that helped thank you. I missed it somehow.

How do you connect to the machine workflow there?