Embed Flow Portal within iFrame?

Hello Flow Community,

Has anyone ever tried embedded a Novacura Flow Portal within an iFrame of another site, passing through authentication credentials? Before we embark on this journey, I wanted to check with the rest of the community. Thanks!

Hi, I did just that in portal 1 using the iFrame portlet. Can’t remember how we did with the credentials, i have a hunch we just passed that in the url and it worked.

Unfortunately though, there is no iframe portlet in portal 2 and I checked with a developer here if he thought that it would work in the html-portlet but he said no (but with a disclaimer that it could be worth to test, but his sophisticated guess is that it will not work).

Silver lining is that you could perhaps use portal 1 though, just that it would be another url and another login for the end users, not sure if that is something that would roll?

Thanks for the reply!
We’re actually trying to accomplish the reverse of your solution. Rather than embedding our site into an iFrame Portlet, we are hoping to embed the entire Novacura Portal (whether Portal 1 or Portal 2) within our website and pass-through credentials for single sign on. Have you tried anything like that?

Do you use an OpenID provider? Or basic authentication? If Azure B2C or some other IDP, you might be able to pass the cached token after login through to the /openid endpoint.

Hm yes as Paphus says, do they both share a common identity provider (e.g.AAD)?
Otherwise I know that again, in portal 1, you could pass username and password in the url. But it is not the safest way to handle log-ins it got removed in portal 2. So depending on what you would like to present, portal 1 could be an option, but then I would urge you to only use that internally since it would be fairly easy to sniff the credentials.