Not able to add new user

Hi All,

Once I am trying to create a new user or to change the existing user password. It’s populating one error message (Object reference not set to an instance of an object) in the Inzuscene Pty Limited Environment which I am attaching below. Please help me out to resolve this.

Thanks & Regards,

Hey could you expand the error pop up and share it please and also make sure the user who is creating the user has admin rights and do check if there is already a user with ID “SHYC”
Thanks Amri

Hi, Yeah the account is having the admin rights with which i am trying to create the new User Id. And also there is no other user created with ID “SHYC”.

The expanded pop up screenshot I am attaching below.


It looks like you have an issue with your license (see the warning sign there?). Start by solving that and I think your user issue will be resolved.

Okay Thanks for the information.