Unknown Error - Flow server

Hi ,

We have some issue with the few users connected to a particular role.

whenever we login it shows unknown error and doesn’t load anything, sometimes after we try to login after some time it will login.

The flows connected are seeded inbox items and dashboard.

There is no issue in flow, even if there issue just them inbox will not show any count, but here menus are not loading at the first and doesn’t show anything, just displays this error.
The same flow is connected to 8 menus with different roles, it is sometimes working for users but recently not working for many - says same error. we haven’t changed the flow connected to roles of users in very long.
immediately after login - it takes some time and throws this error, doesn’t even load menus.

is there anything we can do to solve this error.

flow studio version :
flow server version:

Hi, is that in the web client or portal (and if so, portal 1 or 2 and what version of it)?

If the seeded inbox query in studio and/or sql developer works just fine, then it could be from a permission issue or a custom field may have changed. That is all I can think of.

hi ,

yes it was actually a permission issue, it was working with one user on DB, slower with other user connected on connector.
This was on web client.