Device auto logoff

Is there a way to automatically log off a device session after a defined idle time for security reasons?
Requirement came from a company who’s having shared devices among users.

wonder the above requirement can be achieved by adjusting below parameter in server web.config

"add key=“SittingTimeOut” value=“07:00:00:00” "


Hi, Yes that could work. But there is also a keep-alive service on the devices that counters that setting a bit so not entirely true. I will ask around a bit and see if I can get a better answer for you

Is this what you mean Ruchira?

That’s correct Roel…

If the customer is using Azure AD, maybe it can be done from Azure Portal that the users are logged off once a day?

One of my customers set it to 24 hrs so that over the weekend they are logged out automatically. So I think that would work

Thanks @rovech and @hameno

My internal tests seem to indicate that this only works on web client. Android and iOS clients have a keep-alive service on them overriding the server settings. So the keys below will not work on mobiles unfortunately. Passing this on to RnD to add as a feature for the mobiles as well, will come in a not too future release (my best guess, sometime during the fall 2022).

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@OlaCarlander thanks a lot