Logon automatically to flow Portal 2

Hi, we are using a flow portal to show a lot of information on big screens and they are running portal 2 in kiosk mode. That works fine, but whenever these computers need to reboot we have to manually logon to the portal again, is there a way to avoid that?


This is not possible from Portal itself. But you can likely configure the computer to handle this. A quick google search shows how you can set up to auto launch Chrome below. So this would allow you to auto launch Chrome with your homepage being set to Portal on restart. The next hurdle will be logging in with the correct credentials. I used a password manager (in my case Keeper) to test this. I set the password manager to auto login when the page is rendered - which is possible when you add the Keeper extension to Chrome. In this case, I used Keeper but you could similarly try Google Chrome Autofill features themselves without having to pay for a Password manager. You can find these in settings of Chrome under the Autofill section.

Thanks :slight_smile: This forum is really fast in response, not that active, but all questions are answered really fast! Appreciate that!

As an add on to what was earlier said, you can also use powershell to script the logon sequence (by sending keyboard strokes).
see this post for more info about that.