Use Flow Environment connector to export users from 6.4 & import to 6.14 - sample code

We have loaded up a new server & installed Novacura 6.14 on it. The prior server has 6.4 & we were unsuccessful updating it. Business did not allow for significant downtime to figure out why so we went this route instead.

We have over 600 users & I see version 6.4 does not have a user export. It was recommended to use Flow Environment connector to export/import the users. Does someone have code they are willing to share for this, or at least a starting point for the code? And will I be able to do a one-step export/import from 6.4 to 6.14?

If you are looking to just export the user info, such as usernames, names, emails, this can be accomplished through the Flow connector. Note, you cannot export passwords as this would be a security issue. But the file created would be importable into the new environment. Attached is an example app that exports the users to either a csv or json file. You could then use this file to import (via another app) into the new environment.

It would be a two step process: export to file from old environment, import file into new environment.

NOTE: if you do download the file above, it is password protected: