Novacura User Export and Import

Welcome to the second edition of “Free Flow Friday”! Once a month, I will try and build an application and post it here for your viewing an learning pleasures.

This application was created to ease the migration of user data from one instance to another.

Key Benefits


  • JSON or CSV file types supported
  • For CSV, user definable delimiter
  • Basic user information such as user id, name, email
  • Roles
  • User properties


  • JSON or CSV file types supported
  • For CSV, user definable delimiter
  • Automated creation of missing Roles and User properties
  • Password generation
  • Send email to new user account’s email
  • Add, modify, delete user accounts
  • Detailed summary of performed actions


  • Cannot export user passwords
  • Cannot export user connector information


You need two connectors: File System and Flow Environment


  1. Be sure you have satisfied all the prerequisites
  2. Import the User Export.flow into the environment you want to export and User Import.flow into the environment you are migrating to
  3. In the User Export application, change the Defaults assignment step variable “filePath” to where you want to export your JSON or CSV file to
  4. I recommend exporting to JSON, but if you elect to use CSV, it will prompt you for what file delimiter you want to use
  5. After exporting, launch the User Import application
  6. If you used CSV, change the delimiter in Custom Defaults
  7. You should also change a number of other parameters in this assignment step to match your needs like: “SendEmail” will automatically send an email to the newly created user with their new password; “EmailAddresses” is the admin(s) email(s) to send the summary of changes to; “CheckValidCsvEmails” will perform a regular expression match on inputted email addresses to verify that they are correct and fit email standards; “FileDelimeter” is used for CSV imports; and if you ever add any export fields to the User Export application, be sure to change the structure to match in the “ImportTableCSV” variable.





This link is good for 365 days from the creation of this post. Download it here.

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That’s great, thanks, Daniel. I also created a similar flow for our service desk where they can select a user in one environment and just copy to the other environment. So that makes it easy for just one step and one user, too.