Create MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 Hashes

Welcome to my first “Free Flow Friday!” Once a month, I will try and build and application and post it here for your viewing and learning pleasures.

This application was created somewhat because of this post but I honestly wanted to learn more about the power of Novacura’s REST Connector and how to use C#.

You need two connectors: File System and REST Connector.


  1. For file system, you need to setup a “Logs” folder inside/next to your Novacura installation folder i.e. “C:\Novacura\Novacura Flow\Logs”
  2. Create REST Connector using “Hash Generator.json” and then “Hash Generator v0.2.ncrcp”
  3. YOU MUST enable logging for outgoing requests
  4. The path is the same as step 1
  5. Re-enter the REST Connector Project, go to Model transformations, Setup usings
    • Add “using System.Security.Cryptography;” to very end
    • Click OK
    • Create/update connector then Save
  6. Import the “Create Hashes.flow”
  7. There is an assignment step named “Defaults”, in it is a variable called “LogPath” that you must change to the same path as steps 1 and 4
  8. Here is the result for hashing “password”:

Link to download REST Connector and POC Flow

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