MD5 in flow


We are moving to IFS cloud and Odata and have some flows where we are using md5 to encrypt data.
Today we generate the md5 in oracle, but that possibility will be lost in IFS Cloud.
Is there a way to encrypt in md5 (or other encryption) in flow/flowscript.

Thank you

// Andreas


dont think there is a way to create a MD5 hash in flow script automaticaly (could probably write a script that does it manualy but…i think it would be…ineficient :slight_smile: )

Couple of ideas:

-If you have access to some MS SQL db (usualy when switching to IFS Cloud SQL db on the side comes in handy) use T-SQL
CONVERT(VARCHAR(32), HashBytes(‘MD5’, ‘’), 2)

-Use a Flow rest connector to one of the free online APIs

Hope this helps!


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Hi Ivan

Yes we have tried that, and it works. But feels like verry unnessasary to connect to a databas only in order to use a datbase function.

And we want to encrypt in order not to send data in text. Så to send it outside just to encypt would be doing exactly what we want to prevent.

I will try to find some other way to do this.

Thank you for the reply.

If you are using MD5, you might as well send it over plain text… there are lot’s of online articles explaining this.


  • Don’t use MD5
  • Don’t hash unless you have to
  • Switch to something a little more modern: at the minimum SHA-256

So, technically you can do this using the REST Connector and also not send the data to an API anywhere outside your firewall.

However, it is obscenely difficult, but I will post my POC app here for you.

You need two connectors: File System and REST Connector.


See this post I did on it.