"Uninstall" a license


I wonder if anybody can help me. How can I “uninstall” a license?

I wanted to swicth back to a demo license temporarily, but the only action available when there is a no demo license installed is “update license”, which when clicked just says “license updated” and everything stays the same.

I know this is a strange thing to do, but I will try to explain the context:

I am very pressed to make some developments in a development portal2 that has been working with a demo license.

This morning I received definitive licenses, but Management Studio says that the license machine name and the license flow server address are both invalid. That happens in the production environment; in the development environment, which is in another machine that is in a separate subnet Studio says that the license flow server address is invalid and the the maximum number of portal users and active administrators are exceeded. The latter doesn’t make sense, because we order a license for 100 users, which we were told that all could be administrators, and we have only about 30 or 40 registered users, and only less than 10 are administrators.

Some minutes after I received the licenses, I informed what happened whom sent them, and I asked him if he couldn’t give me a quick solution, he could at least sort out a way to use a demo license in th development environment. But until now he didn’t say anything.

Thank’s in advance for any solution or hint.


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I sent you an email with instructions on how to revert to the demo license.


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