Flow Studio crashes

My problem is that Flow Studio crashes when I’m trying to open a work flow fragment that am working with. I guess everything started last week when I tried to commit some changes and Flow Studio crashed. Didn’t think much about it then, not the first time Studio crashes. But now studio crashes as soon as I try to open that work flow.

I have tried exporting and importing, but the import fails.

The last published version is working fine so is there a way to roll back the code to that version in studio?
As far as I can tell you only see the version history when the work flow is opened.

Any help is much appreciated


Sounds like something is corrupt within the workflow XML code. Probably damaged during your commit. This has happened to me ounce. Don’t worry, your work isn’t lost. I would however advice you to contact the Novacura Product Support for help with troubleshooting. Fixing this issue will probably need some help from a technical resource.