Machine steps not saving

I have a problem on the DEV and PROD versions of Flow Studio; when I create a new machine step or edit an existing one I am unable to save the changes. The OK button doesn’t work, the step stays on the screen when I click OK and any changes I make are not saved (see attached screen cap). I can only close it by clicking on the X in the top right-hand corner of the step. The version of Flow Studio I am using is
It is occurring on all machines with Flow Studio.
Can anyone help?

This has stopped happening and is OK now.

Glad to hear. It was not as simple as that the workflow was not in edit mode last time?

No unless I am going crazy, it definitely was in Edit mode but my changes were not saving. I could add a machine step to a flow but when I added code to it, it would not save. It is back to normal now though.

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