Txt file to table

I have data in a text file with the following delimeter ‘~’
I split it with ‘\n’ and I have rows that look like this
So I want to split those rows with ‘~’

I tried doing it in a flowscript step but I’m getting some errors:

And if I try doing it in an assignment step with {Split(row, “~”)} I get another error “The given parameter is of the wrong type”.

I’m not sure how to get this done.

see if perhaps this article can help you:

it’s using csvfill rather than split, but I think it acheives what you are after.


(a bit late but) here is an example of a flow i use for CSV values:
(Although not the most elegant solution… it had worked in many projects i copy pasted it to :))

So with a small change i made to input ~ as delimiter it turns this:
Into this:

Hope this helps


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I was going through this topic but some step details are not to detailed inside.
starting from CSVFILLDETAIL element in teh workflow.

Request you to please provide some details how they are created so that as a newbie I can redo.

Thnaks in advance !!!

Hi, not sure I understand your question. But if you download Ivan’s example above it might perhaps give some hints. Or we can talk about it next week.