Resize images taken by Camera in Flow

We have a workflow where a person should make an image with the end device. It is possible to save the image or send it by the rest connector to a third party system. However in 99% of the cases the images are to large and need to be resized for displaying in a web shop or picking process.

Is there a way to resize the image in a step after the pic was taken by them cam and if yet how would that needf to be done.

Thanks for any support


yes and no. It would theoretically be possible to send it off as a datastream to a rest service that would do just that. But unfortunately, no way to crop or resize the image inside of Flow. This has been a old topic, but has yet to hit the drawing board.
If you put it up on you can follow the progress and perhaps push for it.


if you have access to Oracle you can maybe use ORDImage Methods to proccess the image.

For a customer (long time ago) we found that the pictures their devices are taking were too large and not uniform in size, so we added a call to ORDSYS.OrdImage.processCopy in the machine step, after the image input, that saved it to the DB (in your case you could add a :out variable to that machine step and get the compressed image before sending it forward)

However, later, we figured out later that we were overengeneering it and that for our purposes the size setting in file galery element would do:

Hope this helps!

Test image compression.flow (57.0 KB)