Doc Size Limit upload In Novacura

Is there any size limit to upload in NOvacura Flows ?

We are trying to attach files from 150 Mb to 200 Mb and it’s giving us error saying
" Delegate to an Instance method cannot have null ‘this’."

If we are trying to upload small file size It’s working without any issue.

Appreciate help and input on this .

Are you using the file gallery in a workflow? What clients have you tried on (debugger in studio, web, web ng, mobile etc)?

I am not aware of any specific limitations but not sure I have ever tried with larger files.

Even I was facing this issue.
we are using flow studio and web.
There are file gallery inputs in the user steps and user uploads the file and moves next, one such scenario.


User uploads file and moves next, then we get this error.
The end user observed this, and reduced the file size to upload and moved next and it was successful.
Two of the users reported this and the cause seems to be the file size.
But we don’t know what is the file size limit, is there any setting somewhere to know this?
or Novacura follows a general size limit?
It would be helpful if we get to know the file size limit, because then we can communicate the same to our end users. any ideas…

Please check for a row in the web clients and servers web.config that is called: maxAllowedContentLength
Checking my installation, it seems the limit is set to 314MB on the server and 1GB for the web client.

I am not sure if there perhaps could be settings on the IIS as well as these things normally are in place to prevent DDOS attacks and such. But it could be worth testing to up this value. Please let us know the result. :slight_smile:

I’ve been able to “upload” files to ~500MB, but normally my server will run out of memory at that moment in time. Try Ola’s suggestion as well as this blog post.

Thanks for the update.
May I know What is the recommended size that we can set on IIS?