Novacura Flow Classic (Web Client) Performance in China and India

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I wanted to ask if anyone has had any experience with relatively large flows in China and India in terms of performance.

My users from china and india struggle from time to time with performance problems and time outs.
Users from switzerland, america and turkey have no similar problems.

All applications, servers and internal infrastructures are up to date, but the problems in china and india remain.

I would appreciate any feedback, thank you!


Are you using the new or old webclient (or mobile clients)?
As the new web client ( is a fatter client, less traffic is going over the internet and it becomes a bit less latency dependent.


We are using the Novacura Flow Classic Webclient with the Version

It sounds like it could be a good idea to try the NG web client. read more at Web client | Flow Help