How to control which GPS App opens when using the Link Address interaction item

Hi, when using the Link interaction item to redirect to a maps applications, depending on the device and what is installed different applications open. Does someone know how to control that? Probably not in Flow but on the device I guess - I am specifically interested in the iOS devices.

Cheers, Roel

Hi, I do not think it is possible to do in iOS in the same way as you would do on a PC. What happens if you try to set chrome as the default browser (as perhaps the browser would open the link I am thinking).
So unfortunately I do not think there is a direct way, but perhaps a way around it to get the desired map-app to start?

One alternative - which would require more configuration and some level of technical expertise - would be to use the External App Launcher. This would allow you to generate a URL for iOS and Android. So if you wanted to call google maps you could use their deeplinking capabilities to call google maps from iOS by default. Looks like their URL schema for iOS is comgooglemaps:// and comgooglemaps-x-callback://.

Documentation is here: Google Maps URL Scheme for iOS  |  Maps URLs  |  Google Developers