Ping host or website in FlowScript

Is it possible to enter a url (or ip address) to FlowScript and return a “true” or “false” as to whether it is reachable?
I have a Flow that opens a link but when the device the flow is viewed on (e.g. phone or tablet ) is connected to the users workplace wireless network I want it to open a local address ( But when it is on the users home wireless network (or 4G) that address is not accessible so I want it to open a different url.
I presume FlowScript is the way to do this. I can’t use SQL because that is executed on the hosting server (which is on the work network).
Thanks for any replies.

Assuming that your local network routes are configured appropriately, you should only use the external address. The reason for this is that if the client is on the local work network, in theory, your network controller should auto-magically route that traffic to the local address.

Now, to actually answer your question…

Although you cannot do this in Flowscript, you can utilize the “REST Service” connector to “ping” an IP or URL address. If it returns a 200, that means whatever you inputted was found. Having said all this, if it doesn’t find something, the connector (and app) will crash. Better to just go with option 1.

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Good thinking with the rest service. I am not sure it needs to crash though, you can just build different paths and even different models for 200 vs 400 answers.

But yes, it sounds much better to create an internal DNS zone and have the DNS route you to different IP addresses based on whether you are externally or internally.

No, the external web address is not found within the network. Our Novacura license doesn’t have the REST connector so I can’t use that. Seems like I am goosed so.