Base path Variabel


We have a setup where we manage a Guest portal from NovaCura, but we have different DNS/URLs per site. Now we have one REST connector per site and then we need one Flow per set, this gives some extra work to manage.
Is it possible to have the Base path as a variable or environment? Then we can have only one REST connector and one Flow.

Karl Linder

Hey Karl,

you can use variable you want if you setup the connector, but you should set the Checkbox ‘Absolute path’ in the operation you are defining.
Here’s an example of what it could look like:

and here’s how it would look like when you select this in the Connector:

Hope that helps.



Basically “Absolute Path” would ignore anything you set in the “Base address” field of the connector settings and it could also be something like

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Thank Johannes

Was looking for a simpler solution, but i guess that is the way forward?
I guess then I have to define a global environment variable that at the beginning of the flow defines the variable for the base address.