Reduce amount of clicks when entering data to text input fields

I have a user step with 2 objects; header and text input. The text input has Force Uppercase = True, and Keyboard Type = Text.

In my use case, the user should scan a barcode. When barcode is read, the flow automatically moves forward to next step.

Does anyone know if it`s possible to default select the text input field when entering the user step, and then automatically select QR code symbol (camera) instead of getting the upper case keyboard, having to click on the QR code symbol to start the camera?

I have found that if you remove the header and have the text input first, it will automatically have focus when entering the user step. Not sure how to default to the camera though.

Thanks. I tested this, and it worked after I turned on the “Auto focus input” setting in mobile app (default turned of).
So you saved me 1 of 2 unnecessary steps :slight_smile:

I`ll propose for Novacura to add functionality to select QR-code (camera) as Keyboard type for text input and numeric input.

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