Scanning multiple barcodes sequentially

Hi, I have an issue with our scanners. Currently we use Socket Mobile DS840 scanners, and I would like it to be able to scan several barcodes sequentially. I am stuck since the scanner will not select the open text when the first scan is made, I must manually tap the field. Is it possible to get the scanners to immediately input scans in the text field without manually selecting the text field?

Hello John! I’m so sorry to hear that. For now, it works with a text input field but not for a numeric input. Is there by any chance that you use a numeric input field when you’re scanning the barcode? In that case, change the field into a text. Then it’ll work!!

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is the scanner programmed to send a carriage return at the end of the scan?

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Yes, at least the one we tested with. Numeric input-field seem to be an issue