Filter List Selection based upon another List Selection

I have two List selection controls on a screen, one is “Region” and the other is County". When a region is selected from the region List selection I want to only display Counties in the Counties List selection that are in the region that is selected. See attached pic. is this possible?
I am not using the latest version of Flow Studio (6.4). I am on an earlier version.

We accomplish this with a two column data grid (both value lists) where the second column’s table expression includes a where clause which is based on the first column’s value.

I don’t know if there is another way to do it in flow without a datagrid.

Thanks for the reply but I don’t want to use a data grid, it has to be two List controls.

Within the same user step this is not possible,

Yes that is what I feared, thank you.

as mentioned,we cant connect 2 lists in the same element.
As a workaround we sometimes place a refresh button.
Then after refresh we loop back and filter available options in list 2 based on selection in list 1.
Here is an example:

Also example flow here:

Hope this helps!