Portal List of Values (and cascading LoVs)

Hi community,

How many of you are usin List of Values in the portal?
And if so, database or workflow as data source?

And then, are you also using depending dropdowns (or cascading as they are also called)? Meaning on depending on what you choose in the first field, different things are shown in the second. Typical example would be part category and part?

This is only available for the filter portlet today, but we are about to enable it for more portlets. And when there are more than one record to deal with (such as the table portlet), there are some things to consider in regards to performance (row by row validation or batch).


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Required a lot. We use it very often and in a lot of cases use workarounds with different Portlets listening to other Portlets with a datasource Workflow which also fills a user variable which is then fetched in a second, delayed datasource (short sleep timer so we can be sure the first datasource did run first). Not pretty, but sometimes the only way for some dependencies to work :-).

We decided a while ago to exclusively use workflows as a datasource in our projects to have the setup consistent.

I guess what you are talking about is dependencies within Portlets. Which ones are you planning on adding?

As I assume it does not work with flow as a data source in filter today (cascadings), it will be to fix that. And then do the same for the record portlet. So far all good, but when we came to table we realize that there are more performance things to consider since it no longer is one row at a time.

What other portlets could be of interest for cascading LoVs?

Hi Ola,
As always cascading would be great to have in both filter and Table…
And while on the topic, it would be super in normal web/Android client as well :slight_smile:

Br Johan.

You can do that in the data grid already. Albeit a little bit weird that it is not empty when you enter the grid and it selects the top value and so, but it sort of works :slight_smile:
And yea, it will be easier in the table portlet. And should be easier in the data grid as well. And sometime in the future the portal and flow will probably merge so that you can use the table portlet inside of a user step in flow. But that is a bit further down the road.