Machine Workflow Exception Value cannot be null

When the top filters load properly there’s an issue in child portlet that listens to filters on row selected. deleted the portlet and re imported it but no luck.


It probably because the child portlet is configured in a way so it expects a certain data structure, and when you apply the filter/listener command the results is null.

What is the data source of the child portlet and what filter do you apply?

this is working normally in other environments. with same setup. Child has a datasource from workflow and listens to search portlets on row selected.

I see, but the data might be different and consequently the data provided for the portlet.

Checked the query that returns values from parent porlet, it is sending same result in both environments.

Are you using a workflow as datasource for the portlet? if not, change to that. It’s more flexible and easier to debug.

yes I am using a workflow as data source.

2024-03-13 13:25:48,818 - Portal exception
NovaCura.Flow.Client.Web.ErrorHandling.Exceptions.PortalCallException: MachineWorkflowExecution exception. Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: key
(log key: lGE_ydh7EUq-ckOYzYFGYg)
at NovaCura.Portal.Services.ApiCall.ResponseValidator.Check[T](FlowServerResponse1 response) at NovaCura.Portal.Services.DataSource.DataSourceService.GetWorkflowData(Guid sittingKey, SharedDataSourceWorkflowRequest dataSourceRequest) at NovaCura.Portal.Services.Workflow.WorkflowExecutors.PaginableWorkflowExecutor.Execute(PaginableDataSourceExecutionDto workflowExecutionDto) at NovaCura.Portal.Services.Execution.PaginableWorkflowExecutionService.Execute(PaginableDataSourceExecutionDto paginableDataSourceExecutionDto) at NovaCura.Portal.Services.Execution.PaginableExecutionService.Execute(PaginableDataSourceExecutionDto dataSourceExecutionDto) at NovaCura.Portal.PortletPlugin.Table.Services.TablePaginationStackService.Post(TableRequest request) at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object ) at NServiceKit.ServiceHost.ServiceRunner1.Execute(IRequestContext requestContext, Object instance, TRequest request)

Error log from server

It seams that your workflow throws an exception.

I would start debugging the machine workflow by sending the payload it receives from the portal from e.g Postman and try to re produce the error. Alternatively you can run the Flow in testbench with the same input; declare values at the start and run the Flow in the test bench.

Thanks it was issue with one of the connector in a step of work flow. Appreciate your help.