Data Source Column Not Found Error in Server

Hi All,

I am Getting an error in the Flow Portal where even after executing the Code I am Error the Below Error.

  1. After executing the Code, the Data Source Column is not getting Fetched.

  2. when trying to execute the Code I am getting the Error “Cannot convert JDBC type -9 to Plsql Type”.

I have attached the Errors I am facing in the Below Screen Shot.

Can anyone kindly Help me on these thanks In Advance.


Not sure why you get the error but you should definitely narrow down your select statement and only fetch what you need. It’s possible to run select * in the datasource query directly in the Portal, but it’s bad practice and you will probably encounter performance issues.

Hi Alluse,

The problem is previous without data if I put a sql query with column name in teh portlet it used to show the column name.
But in teh 6.15.3 version it’s showing emty data source and hence column are not present in portal.

Say if I’m an Full user and admin all permission run a query in potlet with where condition {username} I’ll not see any line in atble if Username is not me.
I use case new users will be created which will be shown from Username.

As because data source is empty it no column is shown in portlet and hence an user apart from me loginto portal will not be able to see any.

Please let me know if I can clarify the issue.


I think I know that you mean. My suggestion is to move to WorkFlow as a datasource. From my experience this works better, adds flexibility for data processing and is easier to maintain and deploy between environments.

Hope this helps.