Can we change the portal 2 CSS?

I’m currently in need of modifying the Novacura portal 2 CSS and the portal 2 Table structure as per my client`s requirements.
Would anyone happen to know how to do this?

Hi, could you elaborate a bit on what it is you need to do? The branding feature in portal 2 (where you set a theme and colors etc) will get likely some attention in the upcoming service pack (Jan/Feb2023 release).

I do not think I understand the table structure either, could you shed some more light on that as well pls?

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Great question @Shanilka_Bandara . I love hacking the CSS code in Novacura. For Portal 2, you would need to find the “styles.randomcharacters.css” in the install location: C:\path\to\Novacura\install\Portal2020\Services\Novacura.Flow.Client.Portal2\styles.eb340f400f1e39f1c625.css

I would also suggest that you use Google Chrome’s “Inspect” or Developer console to identify which CSS classes and/or id you need to edit to match the customer’s requirements. See screenshot attached.

Good luck!

PS I must note, that you have to keep track of your changes because after any upgrade of Portal 2, these changes will be overwritten!

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this was really helpful thank you :blush: