Portal 2 - Set Different Colour for Banner area

In Portal 1, we were able to adjust the banner colour in the Portal to match our company branding guidelines. Is there a way to do similar in Portal 2?

Currently only option I found was to change the entire background. But we require that the page background be the default colour, which only the header/banner area have a different colour.

Hi Mahesh,
I am not familiar with the exact options in the new portal, but when it comes to Branding in Portal2 there is a central feature for that:

Regards, Roel

Hi Roel,

I tried to find something here, but it seems the colour option for Background controls the colour for both the banner area and the rest of the page. I have raised it to novacura support, and they confirmed it’s currently not possible, but they might take it in as a request.

In portal 1, we used the custom.css file. But for now, there doesn’t seem to be an option for Portal 2


it is possible to override (almost) any of the page html settings by placing a html advanced portlet (somewhere inconspicuous :slight_smile: ) on the page and then using javascript (DOM) commands.

So for example i used this to change from my white theme to dark gray:

const myDiv = document.querySelector(‘.nc-portal-header’);
myDiv.style.backgroundColor = ‘#515151ff’;

Its just a matter of manually finding the right class/id/tag to mess with :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!



That’s clever, didn’t know that was possible.

Thank! @ivstde! Will definitely look into this. Novacura has added a feature request to the Idea portal for this functionality. But will look into this option as a workaround.