Kanban in Portal2: Parameter "Task color" in the section "DATA/PRESENTATION"


I think that this parameter only exists in version 2023.3. The only think we put in it is a column name. I can’t figure out what is the purpose of this parameter, which is not mentioned in the help website or the online training, but if the purpose is to set a background color of each of the task cards, then it would be very useful to me.

I have created a column in data source to use it, but no matter what that column contains, I see no changes anywhere. I tried putting there the standard ways of color specifications in HTML/CSS, ie., named color (like “LightBlue”), #66ccff and #f3d40aff (both with # and without it).

Does anybody has any hints? If not, if such a thing is possible, how can we define a background color for tasks based in rules coming from the data source?

Thank’s in advance.


From the training:


Does that explain it? Note though how it unfortunately does not color the entire card, just a line on the left had side. Like so:

Hello Ola.
Thank you for the quick answer, but I think I didn’t explain the issue in a clear way. I have been lately and I am still very busy to confirm that what you wrote doesn’t clarify my doubts. I will do that when I have availability.

Ah you might as what the value should be like? its the same as when you set the color rule, CSS style. #FFFFFF for white