Portal 2: how to update table "dinamically"


I have a Portal 2 page which has a Kanban and a table. Actually the Kanban portlet isn’t used as a Kanban proper, but just to show data.

When one card is selected, the correspondent data is to be shown in the table bellow. The key values of the table data are year, month and the id of the card.

For now, it is working fine having fix values for the year and month, but I wanted to be able to make those values variable (chosen by the user).

The year and month are fields in the Kanban data source and are always the month before the current one. Those fields and the card id is passed to the table and the respective variables are used in the SQL command of the data source of the table portlet.

I tried to put a custom button in the table to be able to change the month and year, but nothing happens to what is shown in the table — it seems that when the OnRefresh event is processed by the table, the variables returned by the form evoked in the button are not used in the table data source.

Any clues on what can I do?
Thank you.

From my understanding you are looking for a way to do the following:

  1. Populate the table by selecting a Kanban card
  2. Filter on other time periods (month/year) than specified by the Kanban card

The easiest way I would say is to add a additional Table Portlet that also listen to the Kanban and displays possible month/year for a given ID. Then configure the existing Table Portlet to also listen to the new Table Portlet.

If yo want the “filter” to persist after refresh then you to have a in between storage (Flow property or SQL db etc) for the date/year select and use a Flow as datasource to fetch these value and use in your query.