Portal 2 - Table (Notification and reduce clicks when editing)

Hello everyone!

I have a couple of inquiries about the Table feature in Portal 2.

Firstly, is there a way to provide users with a notification when they click a button, indicating that background processes are underway? For example, displaying a message like “Your tasks are currently being updated.”

Secondly, is it feasible to streamline the process of editing checkboxes within the table by reducing the number of clicks required? Currently, users have to double-click each time they want to check a box.


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/ Viktor

Overall this is being re-architected a bit for the Connect version. The checkbox is annoying today in the table portlet. In some scenarios, it would be nice with one click to change the state of it, but sometimes it would be better to have the entire table in read-only mode until you press edit, and then you can change all values.

Perhaps a spinner or something would be good as well if it takes a while to update the table.

So especially the check box is a known issue, but it is not yet prioritized into a planned release. I think there could be a feature request for that already over at ideas.novacura.com (if not, create one and get votes ;))

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