On refresh functionality for listeners

End user currently has a top “level” table (tasks) and all subsidiary items (activities) referencing the tasks in the first table populating below in a separate table. Using the option for on row selection is not incredibly beneficial here as the “activities” could number in the thousands and most of the time the end user does not need to see those activities, they just need to manipulate the “task”.

Is the “on refresh” option in the listener just checking to see if the item it is listening to is on an auto refresh? Ideally we can select a record from the “task” table and then, after clicking the refresh table button, the “activity” table will populate. Is that a current feature or will this need to be handled through a flow backed table?

Sounds like OnRowSelection is exactly what you need. That way the activities table would only load the activities for the task you have selected (from either a filer portlet, table portlet, or something else that best fits your needs).