Camera Input; select more than one image

With the “camera input” Workflow Element it is only possible to select one image at a time to upload (on Android anyway; I assume it is the same on an iPhone).
Is it possible to select more than one image? A multi-upload in other words. In a newer version of Studio maybe? (I am using

We use the “file gallery” workflow element instead of the camera input element.
With the file gallery element you can choos between camera and foto library:
Make one picture within the flow app. The second one is to make pictures (also offline) with the builtin camera app and choose them later all in the flow app from the foto library.

I can´t remember why we havent used the camera input element, maybe that was the reason?

I agree, that there is a need to improve the upload process of pictures.

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Thanks for the reply. I haven’t ever used the File Gallery element. It’s for someone else I am asking; I will be talking to him on Monday so I will mention it to him then.

Yes the File Gallery seems to work for this, thank yo.