Attach a photo from "Camera Input" to an e-mail?


I have a workflow where I want to take a picture in an User step with “Camera Input” and then send this picture in an e.mail. I don’t want to save the picture.
What and how should I write in the e-mail Machine step?

Writing from the top of my head here but I think your output from the camera is a record right, containing “filenae” and “data” columns? You just pass that record variabe in the email connector setting (and it will expect a filename and data column and use it accordingly).

In this scenario we have added each record from the Camera input to a table then just added it into the attachment part of the Mail connector:



Thanks, it works fine!

If I want to attach the photo in HTML, how does that work?
I tried img src={photo1.filename} alt=“Photo” width=“500” height=“600”
and img src={} alt=“Photo” width=“500” height=“600”
where “photo1” is straight from the camera. It doesn’t work and I can’t really figure out what to d.

You mean embed the image in the body of the email? I actually haven’t tried id but you could try the cid (content id) tag. Not sure if you then would need to attach the image still, and the cid reference the attachment?

<img src="cid:{}" alt="{photo1.filename}" />

You could also base64 encode it, but I think Outlook and other mail clients would reject that so probably not recommended.

Third option would be to store it on a web server and use a link to the image, but that is a bit cumbersome way to go.

Les us know if you get it to work!


I tried but I can’t get it to work. Attached is a screenshot of the e-mail where there is a red cross over the image.

See below