IIS Optimization Tips or Tricks

Does anyone know of an IIS setup that would have positive effect on flow performance, more specifically to solve slowness issues with mobile devices?

There are some general performance enhancements you can do for IIS:

  • Disable some (all) IIS logging
  • Disable IIS ASP debugging
  • Increase ASP Threads per Processor (default is 25, max 100)
  • Increase ASP Queue Length (ASP Threads per Processor times # of cores)
  • Increase MaxPoolThreads (default is 4, max 20)
  • Disable WCF services tracing
  • Enable IIS HTTP compression

Novacura specific:

  • Enable dynamic compression

Also, if they have a SSL certificate, if they enable H2, their load times will decrease by an average of 75%.


This is interesting Daniel. I don’t know the IIS in detail. Fetching large datasets can sometimes lead to long loading times in the Portal. Would you say that the proposed actions would increase performance in those cases as well?

Unfortunately, there are so many factors into the “slowness” issue that everyone ultimately faces. The IIS optimizations are really only useful in decreasing load time from a server standpoint.

For Portal, it is all Javascript. The above optimizations would help increase the loading of the JS and CSS items only. It would have no impact on your query. If you have a large dataset, it really boils down to the complexity of the query and internet connection (I don’t think it should be limited by the variables stored in browser cache but I might be wrong).

Having said that, any decrease in loading time, no matter at what phase, will ultimately help.

Query is quick, I think it’s the JSON parsing and “rendering” of Gantt items that takes time.

I will try out your enhancement suggestions at some point. Thx Daniel!

I agree to Daniels point that there is no real silver bullet around IIS settings for optimal performance, but one other thing to consider from the toolbox could be trying to adjust the recycling intervall for the application pools: